Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

Good bye Germany ++++++++++ I get systematically persecuted, harassed and degraded by Germans since my early childhood – for being a gifted child and an empath. The German government and the German society systematically is torturing me and is organized stalking me publicly. Stasi stalking with the objective to decomposite me, to destroy me is being practiced against me for nearly ten years, because I reported to law enforcement authorities and to the public that the German interior intelligence service „Verfassungsschutz”, „Die Linke” (SED), the so called „Antifa” (which is a left-wing militia paid and employed by the German government) are practicing torture, rape and human trafficking. The Germans offend people for the reason that I care about them. The Germans destroyed employment relationships I had. I am on welfare and get surveiled and tortured in my own flat (I rented). ++++++++++ And then the „Verfassungsschutz” told me I should be grateful that they did not make me homeless ! ++++++++++ I want to say it clear again: ++++++++++ Even if I could, I do not want to work in Germany, to pay taxes in Germany ! Even if I would not have to leave Germany as soon as possible because of the unbearable persecution: I do not want to live in Germany anymore ! The „Verfassungsschutz” contacted me repeatedly and, ridiculously, tried to hire me. I never worked for the German „Verfassungsschutz” or any other German authority ! And of course I will never do ! ++++++++++ I will never work for the German psychos ! ++++++++++ I work AGAINST the German psychos ! ++++++++++ Watch me walking, stupid, meaningles scum ! ++++++++++ I live in Germany like a slave ! ++++++++++ I am a gifted person, an experienced empath and telepath. I am looking for a cleansing from all the dirt they throw on me and they put inside of me. I am ready to fight and to die for every single fellow soldier at any time. ++++++++++ This is the maximum contrary to what they are ! ++++++++++ If you enable me to get away from my persecutors and from Germany I am willing to work for you. I am ready to leave Germany at any day. I would learn your countries language quickly. ++++++++++ Technical note: The German government manipulates all my communication tools. They disabled me to make new posts in the input screen for the text. Therefore I need to use the input screen for the heading. ++++++++++


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07/28/2016 at 12:45

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