Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

For the benefit of the sentient beings ++++++++++ About 15 years ago I realized that the suffering of the individual sentient beings and to work for their liberation, to end the suffering, is the most important to me. Eleven years ago I dedicated my life to it. And I settled my affairs eleven years ago because I knew it would be dangerous to investigate undercover in the German socialist political party „Die Linke” (SED) and to help their victims of satanic ritual abuse. ++++++++++ I feel sympathy for all sentient beings of all ethnicities, all peoples, all denominations, all genders. ++++++++++ I fight against satanic ritual abuse. ++++++++++ I fight against Maßnahmen der Zersetzung, occult gang stalking and covert harassment. ++++++++++ I fight for the liberation of the victims. ++++++++++ I fight against terrorism. ++++++++++ I fight against communism. ++++++++++ I fight against the remains of the SED and the Ministry of State Security (MfS/Stasi) of the GDR and their unofficial and official collaborators. ++++++++++ I fight against slavery. ++++++++++ I fight for freedom.


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06/27/2016 at 10:53

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