Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL – Perpetrator of Occult Gang Stalking


ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL is an obsessor /occult gang stalker for more than 7 (!) years now, on behalf of the organizations „Verfassungsschutz“ (German interior secret service), the political party „Die Linke“ (socialists) and the militant left-wing extremist militia „Antifa“.

ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL is a stupid and mentally disordered main perpetrator of long time continuing massive occult (PSI) gang stalking on behalf of the cowardly anonymous individuals behind.

The perpetrators make an example on me in the public. They cause feelings of anger and deviant thoughts in me to make other people believe that I would deserve the rape and torture they do to me, or even to make other individuals joining the gang stalking campaign.

They torture and sexually attack me, and they use ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL voluntarily as an obsessor who invaded my consciousness, sexually harasses me and talks to me whenever he wants.

To understand why he does this for more than 7 (!) years now you must realize that he is a clinical sadist and has an anancastic / obsessive personality. Also he is since his childhood a pathologic liar who is able to believe his own lies.

These are surely the reasons why they have chosen him and hired him to join their torture programm. I dont know if ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL gets also paid for it, or if he does this only for the pleasure to torture and abuse a human being after he until this had only the opportunity to torture animals.

Thats the scum these pathologic groups are made of.

If you stop ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL I would be ready to stop one hundred more enemy combatants. I am ready to fight and to die for every fellow soldier. I am ready to leave Germany at any time. I settled my affairs 10 years ago to become able to safe victims of satanic ritual abuse. I am not looking for a „normal life“. I want the end of my offenders and to liberate other victims from satanic ritual abuse and occult gang stalking.

This is the address of ROLAND ROSENSTENGEL:



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