Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

Perpetrators of cotinual serious occult (psychic) gang stalking

Perpetrators of cotinual serious occult (psychic) gang stalking and gang stalking


It is mind control what they are doing to me and to people who are watching me.


In the light of recent events somes names of main perpetrators:


Ulla Jelpke, MdB (MP) „Die Linke“, spokesperson for interior affairs of „Die Linke“ in the Bundestag – Main perpetrator of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and gang stalking


Andreas Janke, last known residence Sölder Kirchweg 100, Dortmund, left-wing extremist, former member of the NVA (Nationals Peoples Army), agent of the German intelligence agency „Verfassungsschutz“ – Main perpetrator of Satanic Ritual Abuse


Heinz Liebold, last known residence Leierweg, Dortmund, former member of the NVA, former office manager of Jelpkes electoral district office in Dortmund, agent of the „Verfassungsschutz“ – pedophile, Main perpetrator of Satanic Ritual Abuse


Hans-Georg Maaßen, president of the federal agency of the „Verfassungsschutz“, boss of Jelpke, Janke, Liebold, the gang stalkers of the „Antifa“ and of all gang stalkers of me and the people of my social environment


Roland Rosenstengel, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 17, Dortmund, stupid and disordered clinical sadist – main perpetrator of long time continuing massive occult gang stalking


More names later.


If you stop them, I will be willing to stop one hundred more for each of these pissers.


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