Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

Child Sexual Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse & The Paranormal / Occult Gang Stalking – The Same Pattern of Denial is Observable

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Satanischer Ritueller Missbrauch, Sexueller Kindesmissbrauch & Das Paranormale / Okkultes Gang-Stalking – Dasselbe Muster von Verleugnung ist Erkennbar

Victims and survivors of Ritual Abuse / Satanic Ritual Abuse (RA / SRA) as for instance victims of international human trafficking report the use of occult techniques / magic attacks being used by the perpetrators to terrorize, to control and to enslave their victims.

There are legal experts working in the field of international human trafficking who realized that psychic attacks on victims of human trafficking are not only psychological but a reality as real and as effective as Technology being used like electric shocks or drugs being.

Only few experts working in the field RA / SRA tell the occurence of paranormal events in the public as it is and talk bluntly for example about their own experiences of paranormal occurrences in the context of working with survivors of RA / SRA. The in the field of RA / SRA internationally publishing psychologist Michaela Huber describes such personal experiences in her books.

Experts report that paranormal occurrences happen often  in their work with their clients. They emphasize that SRA survivors and their experience shall not be treated sensational. They are humans who suffered an extend of violence over a protracted period of time which other people would not survive. They shall become enabled to regain self determination.

Another important aspect is an identifiable and reappearing pattern in society in dealing with issues like SRA / RA.

A culture of disbelief and ignorance on behalf of the public, experts and the media benefits the perpetrators while the victims are suffering because of it.

The same behavioral pattern ist observable in the context of the reality of the spiritual realms, psychic / occult attacks and occult gang stalking. The perpetrators actively persecute their victims among others by defaming them as mentally ill. The perpetrators benefit of that social climate of ignorance and contempt which they promote and preserve massively themselves while the victims of occult attacks suffer because of it.

Of course it is wrong if an alleged or actual “mental illness” is being used by “experts” in the health system or by perpetrators like occult gang stalkers or perpetrators of SRA / RA as an opportunity to discriminate the affected person regardless of the origin. The affected person, every individual, has to have the right to self-determination and self-definition and has to have the prerogative of interpretation. Unfortunately the reality looks entirely different.

The discrimination against persons who talk about their (consensual or non-consensual) paranormal experiences is against the base right of freedom of belief.

Therefore the following quotations from the paper “Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia” by ASCA covering the topic Ritual Abuse / Satanic Ritual Abuse clarifies the described social behaviour pattern of disbelief and ignorance which is for example recognizable too in the context of the issue of child sexual abuse especially in the past.

We must find a way to cope with the issue of the Paranormal without infringing the freedom of belief and the freedom of thought.

Quotations from:”Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia” by ASCA – Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse, April 2006

– – – Thomas Rosenstengel – Expert for forbidden knowledge, Telepath, Targeted Individual


„A culture of disbelief compromises the human rights of survivors. A culture of
ignorance and denial on behalf of authorities and the community prevents ritual abuse
survivors from realising their basic rights to safety, health and justice.“

(Page 7, „EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Part I: Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia“)

„It is time to come to grips with this reality. Twenty years ago if you talked about
paedophiles, you would have been locked up. Fifteen years ago it was the same
with incest. Today this is the case with ritual abuse. The children go on suffering.

– Ex-Federal Police Sergeant David Poulton (Preston, 1990)“


Kinds of influence

„Supernatural’ beliefs: Belief in omniscience of perpetrator group, belief that perpetrators have ‘magical’ powers, belief that perpetrators can monitor thoughts of victims, performance of ritualized rape and ‘sex magick’, ritualisms performed on ‘significant’ dates or events.”

“Terrorisation: Threats of harm to self and others, threats of abandonment, stalking via the phone/email/in person, home invasions, pets killed, house vandalised with blood and animal flesh.”

(Page 28, “Common Themes in Ritual Abuse”)

Perpetrator Strategies

”Conditioning is used to shape a victims thought patterns with messages such as:

• You will be killed if you do not obey/if you tell
• People you care about will be killed if you do not obey/if you tell
• The group is all powerful and there is no way out
• No one will believe you and they will think you are crazy
• You are crazy; this is not happening”

(Page 27, “Programming and Indoctrination”)

“You are not crazy. Your behaviour and responses are perfectly normal reactions to extremely abnormal situations. Accepting your emotions as normal, and knowing that they will pass in time, may help you persevere.”

(Page 8, „Part 3 – Healing from Ritual Abuse“)

„ Coercive psychological conditioning is used by perpetrators to control and
intimidate survivors. Indoctrination and manipulation frequently undermine survivors’
capacity to seek assistance, or to maintain personal safety.

„In ritual abuse, traumatic rituals are often utilised to sever the victim’s connection
with a broader social milieu. This not only serves to isolate victims and facilitate secrecy
but also to forcibly reorientate the victim towards the perverse subculture of the ritually
abusive group.“

“Sexual abuse which incorporates ‘bizarre’ elements is consequence-free for perpetrators.
Ritualised abuse creates a space of impunity for sexual offenders, since extremely
perverse sexual activity has the dual impact of shattering a victim’s capacity for disclosure, and damaging their credibility if they do expose the abuse.”

(Page 7, “The Impact of Ritual Abuse”)

Hatred of Women

“Misogyny (Hatred of Women) Ritually abusive groups are often profoundly misogynistic, in practice if not in doctrine (Driscoll and Wright 1991; Scott 2001). This leads to significant differences in the experiences of male and female victims. Ritually abused boys are more likely to be offered positions of privilege, power and control within a perpetrator group as they grow older. This is often an inducement unavailable to girls and women within the group, who are more likely to be treated instrumentally as commodities for abuse (Sarson and MacDonald 2003b). This gender differential has a converse impact on a victim’s ability to exit the group as an adult. In general, women have less reason to stay, and are more likely to exit, than men.”

(Page 30, “Other themes of ritual abuse include:… ”)

The Reversal of “Good” and “Evil”

“…Involvement in ritual abuse seemed to mean inhabiting a world in which ‘moral precepts do not hold’ but where a justificatory ideology was provided that went way beyond the ‘cognitive distortions’ of ‘ordinary’ sex offenders. An occult belief system deals with the problem of cognitive dissonance not by redefining sexual abuse as harmless or desired by the victim, but by reversing ‘good’ and ‘evil’. From this Sadeian perspective, cruelty and violence are natural’ to man and denials of this essential truth are mere hypocrisy.”

— (Sarah) Scott (2001)

(Page 14, “Why do Perpetrators use Ritual?”)

Where is the Evidence for Ritual Abuse?

“Australian refugee decision: In 1998, the Australian Refugee Tribunal accepted a German ritual abuse survivor as a refugee (see Becker and Coleman 1999). She was fleeing a life of servitude to a violent group in Berlin that had raped and tortured her since she was a child. The tribunal stated:

‘… we accept that these groups exist … and that the German government has been ineffective in stopping their illegal activities.’ “

(Page 15, “Where is the Evidence for Ritual Abuse?)

From:”Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia” by ASCA – Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse, April 2006

– – – Thomas Rosenstengel – Expert for forbidden knowledge, Telepath, Targeted Individual


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