Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

Perpetrators of continual serious psychic stalking / occult stalking (amendments later)

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Preliminary remarks:

When I speak of ritual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, rape and torture it means physical torture / rape. Spiritual warfare / psychic attacks / occult attacks means spiritual attacks which not necessarily imply physical contact between perpetrator and victim. Psychic attacks / occult attacks can be perpetrated from distance without consent and without the victims awareness. This is unfortunately for real and it is systematically been practiced by the political organization XXX XXXXX, U.J. (German domestic intelligence service LfV), persons on U.J.´s behalf (LfV) and others.

I am a down-to-earth person. Im a trained mechanic. I know how to differentiate between conventional technologies and psychic techniques. I have decades of experience with dealing with issues of the spiritual realms. Communication. As I mentioned earlier I have been undercover investigating in that left-wing extremist “organization” in a case of Satanic Ritual Abuse (physical torture and rape) solely because of compassion for the victims.

The conventional stalking and the psychic stalking began after reporting the crimes to law enforcement and critisizing the “organisation” in the public for their evidential support of terrorist groups worldwide.

These terrorist tried to make me one of them without success. German domestic intelligence service tried to hire me without success. German intelligence service protects the perpetrators. I never worked for German authorities and I will never do (allthough there are many good officers in German authorities for example in the police).

Among other kinds of attacks like physical surveillance, home invasions, continuing defamation, physical attacks, murder threats or surveillance of my communication tools (partly on file) I suffer particularly continuing occult attacks. In that “organization” are many satanists, criminal satanists and persons who are practicing effectively occultism to manipulate and harm other persons. My persecutors manipulate and partly harmed severely persons in my social environment.

I identified following persons who sytematically attack me at all times of the day via occult gang stalking / occult attacks for years and until presence:

– U.J., high ranking member of the “political organization” mentioned, supporter of terrorist organisations worldwide – Hamaz, Hezbollah, FARC, ETA and particularly PKK. U.J. is a capable occultist, Satanist and is responsible for torture and rape (satanic ritual abuse). U.J. has showcased quite impressive to me that she has obviously an initimate relationship to reptiles – some of you might understand. U.J. calls herself “anti-Fascist” and is a part of the Antifa Scene, which evidentially executes acts of violence against police and population. U.J. envisions herself as beeing a feminist and stated in the public that she would be against ritual abuse. All of that is mere hypocricy. U.J. is behind the attacks executed by the persons mentioned below. U.J. is responsible for serious and fatal acts of violence against persons who tried to help me.

– At least one man and one woman in the apartmenthouse “Schwanenwall 6, 44135 Dortmund”, where I live who are acting on U.J.´s behalf /German intelligence service. They revealed themselfes as beeing part of the Antifa Scene / Antifa early in 2013.:

Quote from my post

“Targeted Individual – Request For Help: Perpetrators Live And Attack Me In The House Where I Live / Täter leben und greifen mich an in dem Haus in dem ich lebe” :

“The perpetrators are gang stalking and attacking me at all times of the day. A few months ago I was at times not able to set foot in my apartment. The perpetrators have let me know that they are in the buidling where my apartment is located. Among others they were threatening me in the stairwell saying that they would kill me. A man said: “We will not let you leave Germany. We will kill you.”Among others they came to my apartment door and were shouting and loughing out loud. Peronal description of perpetrators: There are at least two persons permanent inhabiting the building. One man, 20 to 30 years old, 170 to 180 centimeters body height, slim, dark hair and with a deep and husky voice. And one woman, 20 to 30 years old, 160 to 170 centimeters body height, halfway slim. They are using for their activity at least two apartments in the building where I live.”

These persons call themselfes “anti-Fascists” but are actually fascits.

who got voluntarily instrumentalized by U.J. are offending me for more than 5 years yet. Both men are seriously mentally defective persons and sexually deranged. The older man was a child abuser. The younger man has an obsessional personality and is a masochist. Both men are sadistic psychopaths. because of their abusive behaviour. I wanted to protect myself. Furthermore I had the hope that my persecutors would not target them. That was the reason why U.J. started to use them to torture me. She used a common strategy of gang stalkers.

– I want to mention the both principle offenders of Satanic Ritual Abuse (physical torture and rape) from the SRA case that I reported to law enforcement 2006 – although I don´t know if they are still attacking me via occult attacks / psychic attacks. Both men were attacking me with occult attacks – especially one of the both men. But last recent years I was not able to recognize them anymore.

– Mr. X and the satanic magic order X.X.X. More than 15 years ago I contacted Mr. X, a man who called himself ” shaman “, ” witcher “, ” magician” and ” shamanic healer ” in order to find help regarding attacks I suffered from a psychopathic family in the house where I grew up who has done numerous violent acts against persons (that psychopathic family respectively tha father has been dozens of times before a court of law) and was persecuting me and destroying my childhood and youth. I was looking for security and healing. I knew nothing about the risks of esoterians. Instead of healing I experienced abuse and persecution. He turned out as a cetral figuare of a satanic magic order I call at this place X.X.X. for legal reasons. He was / is very charismatic and systematically abusing persons who turn to him. He is a violent man who must do magic violence. Once he told me that he would “like little girls” sexually. I got very worried and angry. From then on he was provoking, manipulating and offending me. I have the suspicion that Mr. X and maybe other members of the X.X.X. is still persecuting me secretly. They are psychopaths who call it an “intelligent solution” to put grievous harm on their victims and enslave them instead of killing them. Their teachings tell that the higher magicians shall let the lower grades do the dirty work like terrorizing, psychologically or physically destroying victims. Mr. X is a central figure of the X.X.X. and has an affinity for left-wing extremism and communism. With their charisma they delude the people that they would be against neo-Nazism and pedophilia. Actually they are ideologically and magically on the side of criminal satanists and pedophiles. I dont know if members of them are criminal satanists who are torturing, raping and murdering men, women and children of all ages (SRA). I guess many of them believe their own lies that satanism would not be bad. The leader of the X.X.X. of another country once was a condemned neo-Nazi. They exploit the desperation of persons who are looking for help. Mr. X statet once that he would be working at the behest of German police.

WARNING:RV )before in a post. In case youfind that you could need Remote Viewing or shamanism or magic: NOONE needs to get in touch with satanists or theirn friends who are teaching Remote Viewing in Germany.

RV is just a variety of countless esoterian methods. NOONE has to pay money for learning this or numerous other esoterian methods in workshop. NOONE needs an ” initiation ” into these capabilities. These persons are dangerous.

No matter if you are struggling from trauma needing help, or if you are a police investigator despreately need information in a criminal case or a scientist who is curious and wants to learn advanced methods of investigation: YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM THEM !

Read books about it. Get information in the internet about it. PADDLE YOUR OWN CANOE ! Magic work is in most cases solitary work anyway. Esoterians in particular in Europe and Germany are ideologically close to satanism or satanists themselfes. Esoterians play down, justify or relativate the horrors perpetrated by satanists. They are the public forefront of child torturers and human sacrificers ( Hardcore Satanism ).

If you need a healer: INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU ACT. Examine websites of healers. Investigate the behaviour of their pupils and and freinds in discussion forums. Keep beeing analyzing what you do. Use your head! Not only your instinct. Be careful. Mr. X has threatened me repeatedly that he could kill me within a second via ” magic warfae ” / ” magic attacks “. X has repeatedly directly attacked me causing serious injuries. Don´t fall for Mr. X´s tricks. He is a sexually deranged person ready to use violence. He makes other persons evil. Satanism is a profound destructive ideology. Do not believe the lies. Do not fall for satanists disinformation. These perverts are trying to undertake society. The Dragon needs slaying.

I am not in contact to Mr. X anymore for more than ten years. But that perpetrator is possibly still persecuting me. And if yes, that most probably one of the heads of my persecutors.

There are probably other perpetrators executing occult attacks who do harm to me and perpetrators who do harm to me and others without beeing noticed by me or others.There are probably perpetrators who are stronger regarding their ability to manipulate and to do harm with occult methods than the ones I know. I think I keep being an informant for the rest of my life.

People shall not be manipulated. People shall be able to make free decisions. For that reason they need correct information. No half-truths or lies. This is one of my essential principle. In the past the existence of pedophilia was controversial and got denied. Today this is still often the case with Ritual Abuse.

We are allowed to believe in god and many of us experienced that this is more than psychology. Jesus Christ was a wonder healer.That is an important part of his way and existence – the Bible is full of his work of wonder healings. But the negative aspects of spirituality do allegedly not exist? It is the same pattern.

Cui bono? Spiritual warfare and the practice of occult techniques are reality. And the perpetrators do not ask you or me if we believe in it or not. Occult influences, occult healings and occult attacks / spiritual warfare are functioning regardless the target / victim believes in it or not.

Years ago I gained knowledge of a mafia motto which reads as follows : “If it works – do it.”

They are not only practicing physical torture and rape, Torture Based Mind Control.

German domestic intelligences services together with the political organization XXX XXXXXX, the Antifa and other satanists and occultists systematically torture, rape and murder victims via occult methods and destroy privacy.

They intend to erase privacy from our society forever. This is whats going on in our sociaty while most people are too frightened to stand up against it or dont want to believe it. Indeed to let people know what they do to others helps them to keep the people under control. They are scared. Because it is scary.

Never forget that these Stasi-Nazi-Pissers are parasites payed by taxes and that they are Cowards.

– – – Thomas Rosenstengel – Expert for forbidden knowledge, Telepath, Targeted Individual


Schwanenwall 6

44135 Dortmund



Twitter: @TRosenstengel

Mobile: 0049 (0) 151 2429 8935

Best availability before noon.

All kinds of communication are not safe!

You can also contact me in the public if you want. I allways act unobtrusive and passive when unknown persons contact me in the public. I do not report attempts to get in touch with me – except they are clearly hostile. I do not expect you to tell me your identity or the identity of your organization. Keep in mind that I am under surveillance.


“”It is time to come to grips with this reality. Twenty years ago if you talked about paedophiles, you would have been locked up. Fifteen years ago it was the same with incest. Today this is the case with ritual abuse. The children go on suffering.”

– Ex-Federal Police Sergeant David Poulton (Preston, 1990)”

“Ritual Abuse is a global phenomenon. Ritual Abuse is recognized by the United Nations as a significant factor in the international trafficking of women and children.”


“There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

Thomas Jefferson

Written April 22, 2014

Revised July 26, 2014


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