Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

Why the German Domestic Intelligence Service Verfassungsschutz is behind the Satanic Ritual Abuse and terrorizing me

– – – FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER / FOLGEN SIE MIR AUF TWITTER: @TROSENSTENGEL – – – – – – FIND ME ON FACEBOOK / FINDEN SIE MICH AUF FACEBOOK: – – – Dies ist die englischsprachige Version meines Beitrages: Warum der deutsche Inlandsgeheimdienst Verfassungsschutz hinter dem Satanischen Rituellen Missbrauch steckt und mich terrorisiert Updates from 8th of June 2015 in red Color ULLA JELPKE ( MdB DIE LINKE ) The person who is responsible for the Gang Stalking, the torture and the other crimes is ULLA JELPKE ( Member of the Bundestag for DIE LINKE ). Ulla Jelpke is spokesperson for interior affairs of DIE LINKE in the Bundestag. Her office and electoral district, and the described milieu was ( and still is) in Dortmund. Preliminary remarks: I communicate solely incidents when persons hostilely approach to me, not when approaches are ambiguous or friendly. When persons contact me in the public I always act unobtrisive and pasive. I never worked for a secret service. This list is just an excerpt of what has happened respectively is still going on. 2005 – 2007 – My undercover investigations I have been undercover investigating in a case of Ritual Abuse in the office and milieu of the electoral district of Ulla Jelpke ( MdB DIE LINKE )  which evidentially supports terrorist groups worldwide. In that party are many professionally trained secret service agents. In that organization are many satanists and many pedophiles. There were public attempts by that organization to legalize child pornography and sex between adults and children. As far as I know all of the persons in that milieu were seeing themselves as „anti-Fascists“. I investigated solely because of compassion and in order to find out more before I would go to the authorities. Principal offenders of torture and rape were swaggering that they would be protected by German secret service/s doing the criminal acts. Supplement: The operator of the office (and high ranking member of that “organization”) where I have been undercover investigating made  statements that she would be against ritual violence. Actually that peron is satanist and occultist and had at any time close contact to the satanists who perpetrated /perpetrate satanic ritual abuse. One of the both men I have identified as principal offenders of the satanic ritual abuse was for a while office manager of that office. All of these persons are agents of the domestic intelligence service Verfassungsschutz, the operator of the office too. Important advice for persons dealing withe the issue of ritual violence: There are in Germany persons who state in the public that they would be against ritual violence but actually have different motives and are part of the perpetrators effords to delude the public and to persecute victims, survivors and helpers of ritual abuse. BE ALLWAYS SUSPICIOUS ! Perpetrators of ritual abuse relentlessly infiltrate the society and are (trying to get) in key positions in society. That is organized crime. 2006 – I went to the law enforcement I reported all to law enforcement authorities. I also reported it to German secret services. I desperately tried to help the victim. It was obvious to me that there where various persons in that organization who were not what they pretended to be. From a present-day perspective it was naive to do that. After reporting all to the authorities persons of that organization and persons on their behalf began increasingly to persecute and to offend me: Physical surveillance, physical attacks, street theatre, surveillance of my mobile phone,electronic communication, my apartment. Continued and systematic defamation and much more. Increasingly occult attacks. 2006 – 2014 – German domestic intelligence service contacts me Various contacts. Over a number of years an unknown person contacted my on my mobile phone which was and still is under surveillance obviously by German secret service/s (too). She pretended that she was from a call center and wanted to sell me a new electricity contract of another company. I didn´t want a new electricity contract. On my argument that I would intent to relocate soon she reacted that I could take that contract with my without problems. She was very intrusive. I have been curious about to find out what she really wants from me. So I agreed with her request that she would call me later again. Sometimes she called me at an interval of six months, sometimes more often. She used boldly different accents like Polish, German with no accent. I don´t get often phone calls like that. Everytime it was exactly the same voice, the same person. Supplement: The office of the electricity provider the woman on the phone offered to me is located in Düsseldorf, capital of the federal state Nordrhine-Westphalia. The domestic intelligence service of Nordrhine-Westphalia is located in Düsseldorf too. July 2013 – Hostile approach by the German domestic intelligence service of NRW I´m a trained car mechanic and I have already been working for automobile manufacturers in the past years. July 2013 I worked for an employer in the German federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg spending the nights in hotels. At that workplace I became a target of mobbing perpetrated by a colleague from another temporary employment agency for unknown reasons. I haven´t given an occasion for mobbing. Every night I got massively attacked by the same perpetrators who attacked me in my apartment in Dortmund before. Supplemet: The only other job I had during the last few years was in Dortmund, inside of Nordrhine-Westphalia. There I got massively mobbed too. When I was traveling home to Dortmund via train in one of the trains I was sitting alone in a train compartment. A young woman came in, sat down and began to talk to me. She had the exactly same voice of the woman who called me on the phone. During that conversation she wanted to make me believe that she would be working for the German secret service, for the constitution protection. She asked me where I come from and why I´m traveling. I answered some of her questions. She said that she does not think that one can change the world (for the better). She asked me if I would believe that one can change the world. She tried to tell me quite clearly that I shall not travel too far away from Dortmund because of my family (My „family“ got already targeted years ago). She named a town within Nordrhine-Westphalia that would not be too far away. She tried to make me believe that she would be a secret agent of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Northrhine-Westphalia (domestic intelligence service). She furthermore told me that she once has been a target of mobbing and further more. I relocated December 2008 to the apartment where I live the present (I didn´t talk to her about that and other issues). She indicated that her secret service would have influenced the landlord of my apartment in order to make sure that they cannot throw me out because of noise I make in my apartment. She said that they would continue protecting me that way in case I would relocate. February 2013 to the present – Much more increased attacks Although I suffered attacks by persons who later turned out as the ones from the house since February 2013 at least two persons use at least two apartments in the house where I live. They attack me 24/7. It is physical attacks and occult attacks. They have let me know since February 2013 that it´s them who attack me. The attacks are very serious. They terrorize me day and night. 2013 – The house where I live got repeatedly surrounded by police patrol cars Then two younger women came to my apartment door, rang/knocked at the door and said „That´s him“, „Mr. Rosenstengel, open the door.“ demonstratively and others. I didn´t open the door. The Left-wing extremists evidentially support terrorists. The „Antifa“ evidentially throw Molotov cocktails on police officers at demonstrations in Germany. One can find sympathizers of those organizations in the police too. But I believe that the most police officers are no supporters of them at all. The police officers of these operations possibly didn´t know at all what the operation is all about. Such an incident didn´t happen again. 07. of February 2014, 18.13 h – threat to kill me on the sidewalk I have been walking on the sidewalk a few meters away from the entrance of the house where I live. A young man on a mountain bike approached in front of me on the sidewalk. While he passed by he shouted: “ I will kill you too.” (German: “Dich werde ich auch noch töten.”) and rode away the way I came from. Conclusions The secret service agent from the train signified that the secret service would be helping me by preventing that my landlord would kick me out (I don´t know if he ever tried and noone ever complained). But the secret service did nothing against the at least two offenders located in the house. The said secret service agent called me on my mobile phone which must be reckoned by everyone who knows about my experience as under surveillance by secret services as well as the left-wing extremist organization/s. For a conspirational attempt to contact me one can use other ways. On these reasons she must have been someone who isn´t bothered by becoming detected by German secret services (and possibly other countries secret services as well). Or she must be actually someone from a German secret service. The secret service does obviously control the offenders from in the house. The secret service obviously intimidates me. BTW: An unknown person told me a few weeks ago „We don´t want you to leave Germany“. The secret service prevents me from earning money in Germany. The secret service does not want me to leave Germany or the state of Northrhine-Westphalia. They want to keep me poor and unable to move away and they want to keep me unable to go away from Germany. They control me by poverty. With all the attacks perpetrated by them and their Antifa-agents the secret service want to keep me in a permanent state of abuse, trauma and suppression. In addition they make an example on me. I cannot exclude that there are possibly even in the different secret services in Germany persons who are against the crimes they do to their victims, the torture they do to me. But it is for sure that German authorities were and are not able to get me out of this. Some tried, Some don´t want to help me. Some are my enemies. If you want to find out more about the illegal and despicable activities of German secret services please google: “ Targeted Individuals ”, “ Trauma Based Mind Control ”, “ Satanic Ritual Abuse ”, “ Ritual Abuse ”, “ Occult Attacks ”, “ Occult Gang Stalking ”, “ Spiritual Warfare ”. And of course you can find out more about the criminal activities of German secret services in mainstream media – for example about the case of the NSU (Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund – National Socialist Underground ) Some of you may wonder why I haven´t relocated yet. I tried. But I have no money. I get attacked day and night. I suffer a lot. And the spiritual warfare / occult attacks happen on the distance too. I experienced that. I need protection. I want to be free. I want to help others who suffer such terrible kinds of violence. I want to leave Germany. Even if I could: I do not want to live in this country. In the GDR existed residential obligation for their citizens, not in the FRG. In both countries there exist/ed experiments on humans, slavery and a systematic violation of human rights. All crimes have already been reported to German law enforcement authorities. – – – Thomas Rosenstengel – Expert for forbidden knowledge, Telepath, Targeted Individual Address: Schwanenwall 6 44135 Dortmund Germany E-Mail: Twitter: @TROSENSTENGEL Facebook: Mobile: 0049 (0) 151 2429 8935 Best availability before noon. All kinds of communication are not safe! You can also contact me in the public if you want. I allways act unobtrusive and passive when unknown persons contact me in the public. I do not report attempts to get in touch with me – except they are clearly hostile. I do not expect you to tell me your identity or the identity of your organization. Keep in mind that I am under surveillance. Written March 09, 2014 Revised June 08, 2015


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