Satanismus und Ritueller Missbrauch im Zusammenhang mit Linksextremismus und Internationalem Terrorismus

Why Critics and “Sceptics” deny the Existence of the Paranormal

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Freedom of faith and of conscience, and freedom to profess a religious or philosophical creed, shall be inviolable.“

Article 4, Number 1 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

Preliminary remark: I have never been in a mental hospital or in treatment. But I know that many good people get stigmatized, tortured, raped and murdered in psychiatry. Even children get raped in psychiatry. THAT is psychiatry in Germany 2014. Dont believe the disinformation downplaying and denial of human rights violations in psychiatry of the psychiatry lobby in the media. There are masses of evidence for the existence of the paranormal available in the internet. Critics and sceptics mostly decide not to take note of it because of ignorance. The circumstance that nobody really knows WHY the paranormal happens does not mean that it does not exist. Many of them are experiencing paranormal phenomena themselves. There are „experts“ who deal with the Paranormal who consistently deny the existence of paranormal experiences. They are on the wrong side. There are even persons who describe themselves publicly as “satanist“, “occultist“, “magician” „sorcerer“, „witch/er“or “shaman” practicing occult techniques themselves but systematically play down the negative aspects of occultism and the experience of victims of magical attacks right up to defaming victims of satanic occultism as mentally ill (while these occultists do not see themselves as mentally ill !). Satanism is a profound destructive ideology. Satanists and their supporters victimize victims of satanism this way. Whether it is because of social fear, ideological ignorance or enjoying to do harm to others: Such ignorant persons are often making statements defaming individuals as mentally ill who experience the paranormal. Thereby they create a social climate in where those who experience the paranormal are becoming afraid to talk about it fearing to get discriminated, socially isolated in the public, at work, in many ways. Targeted individuals are – among other forms of violence – often victims of sustained occult gang stalking perpetrated by secret services, extremists, terrorists, companies, military or other groups or persons. Everybody can find information about this too by browsing in the internet. It makes all the difference if someone denies the existence of the paranormal by saying “I don´t believe it” or by saying “You are crazy because you believe in it”. It is the difference between respecting the human rights of someone else or to not give a damn about it. To discriminate someone else this way is a violation of human rights. In addition to it such people often describing themselves as “scientists” are acting nonscientific for the simple reason that they do not want to find out the truth about it. Many of them pursue other interests like making a career, trying to avoid disadvantages in an academic career, selling books, torturing victims in psychiatric hospitals being sold by public money, supporting perpetrators of occult attacks and much more. The issue of human rights violations in psychiatry deserves an accounting for the past not only since the case of Gustl Molath. Everyone has the right not to believe in the existence of the paranormal. But noone has the right to discriminate those who believe in it. And noone has the right to discriminate victims of occultism. After all occult techniques functioning even if the target does not believe in it. Although psychological factors matter – for example if the victim is very afraid of attacks by an occult offender may help the occult offender. Though it is not that simple. Many victims of occult attacks realize retrospectively only years after they became a victim what has happened to them or what is still happening to them. One can counteract a course of a loss only when one is about to admit its existence. This social climate benefits the interests of perpetrators of occult gang stalking. The perpetrator of occult gang stalking as well as the perpetrator of child sexual abuse as well as the perpetrator of inzest as well as the perpetrator of satanic ritual abuse or any other criminal act benefits from it when nobody believes the victim (or the victim even gets punished for searching for help) or nobody dares to believe the victim in fear of getting discriminated himself. Find out more about perpetrator strategies of “Mass Hysteria” “Satanic Panics” or “False Memory Syndrome” in the paper from ASCA below. In all cases the effect is the same. Quotations: A culture of disbelief compromises the human rights of survivors. A culture of ignorance and denial on behalf of authorities and the community prevents ritual abuse survivors from realising their basic rights to safety, health and justice.” (“Ritual Abuse and Torture in Australia” by ASCA – Page 7) It is time to come to grips with this reality. Twenty years ago if you talked about paedophiles, you would have been locked up. Fifteen years ago it was the same with incest. Today this is the case with ritual abuse. The children go on suffering.” Ex-Federal Police Sergeant David Poulton (Preston, 1990) (Page 11) Kinds of influence “‘Supernatural’ beliefs: Belief in omniscience of perpetrator group, belief that perpetrators have ‘magical’ powers, belief that perpetrators can monitor thoughts of victims, performance of ritualized rape and ‘sex magick’, ritualisms performed on ‘significant’ dates or events.” (Page 28) Sexual abuse which incorporates ‘bizarre’ elements is consequence-free for perpetrators. Ritualised abuse creates a space of impunity for sexual offenders, since extremely perverse sexual activity has the dual impact of shattering a victim’s capacity for disclosure, and damaging their credibility if they do expose the abuse.” (Page 7) This is my favorite quote in particular concerning satanism:  The Reversal of “Good” and “Evil” …Involvement in ritual abuse seemed to mean inhabiting a world in which ‘moral precepts do not hold’ but where a justificatory ideology was provided that went way beyond the ‘cognitive distortions’ of ‘ordinary’ sex offenders. An occult belief system deals with the problem of cognitive dissonance not by redefining sexual abuse as harmless or desired by the victim, but by reversing ‘good’ and ‘evil’. From this Sadeian perspective, cruelty and violence are natural’ to man and denials of this essential truth are mere hypocrisy.” (Sarah) Scott (2001) (Page 14) Source: – Thomas Rosenstengel About me: After undercover investigations as a private person in a left-wing extremist political organization which evidentially supports terrorist organizations worldwide I reported serious crimes to law enforcement authorities. Thenceforth the perpetrators /persons on their behalf are systematically and continously  gang stalking me on various levels. In that organization are many occultists. In that organization are many trained secret service agents respectively the organization defends the interests of these persons. The attacks are partly on file. I acted solely because of empathy for the victims.


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